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Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013

Policy Statement

This document represents the overall Policy Statement which is required in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 for the Destiny Umbrella Retirement Company

For the purposes of this Policy Statement, the following terms are being used and have the following meanings:

Company shall mean the Destiny Umbrella Retirement Company which, in terms of POPIA, is referred to as a Responsible Party.

COMPANY shall mean FQ Financial Skills 2008/253820/23

Information Officer shall mean the person appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Company to be the Information Officer in terms of POPIA and who has been approved by POPIA and whose function is to be the coordinator and facilitator in terms of POPIA between the Company, Customers, the Operators, and the Regulator as defined in POPIA.  

Customer shall mean an individual customer or client as well as outside companies and Customers that do business with the Company.

Operator shall mean FQ Financial Skills and any other corporate body or individual which or who, in terms of a written agreement, is to provide services to the Company involving personal information in respect of a data subject.

POPIA shall mean the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013

Purpose of the Policy Statement in terms of POPIA


The overall purpose of this Policy Statement is to protect Customers from harm by means of the protection of their personal information. This includes the protection of the details of their identity and the identity of their dependants and beneficiaries and to ensure, as far a is possible, their privacy which is a Company fundamental human right in terms of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

The principles enshrined in POPIA are to regulate the protection of personal information and the Constitutional right to privacy, therefore. POPIA will attempt to regulate every step of the processing of personal information from how personal information is handled when it is collected until the time of its destruction.

Principles of Operation of POPIA


The Company is the Responsible Party in terms of POPIA and must take the full responsibility for the protection of personal information for Customers by means of appointing the necessary Operators, an Information Officer and any other party required by law to deal with the operation of the Company. The Company must ensure the protection of Customer’s rights by means of lawful processing of their personal information by Operators and to monitor those processes on a continuous basis. The Company is responsible for Customers’ personal information from the time it is requested and received until the time of its destruction.

Processing Limitations

The Company and any Operator must only collect such Customer information for the specific purpose for which it is intended. Personal information can only be obtained from the Customer who must give consent to the collection of information and if the Customer objects to such request for information he or she has a right to withhold that information being collected. Attention to contracts of employment will be important in this regard.

Purpose Specification.

When personal information is requested, a Customer must be made aware of the reason for its use and how it is to be used.

Further Processing Limitations

If personal information must be processed by more than one Operator, such processing must be compatible with the purpose for which the information was collected as indicated in Purpose Specification above and may not be used for any longer than the purpose for which it was intended by the other Operator.

Information Quality

The Company is responsible for overseeing that personal information collected from Customers is complete, accurate and updated where necessary and is relevant for the purpose for which it is required.


The Company must always ensure that Customers are aware of how personal information is being processed and the outcomes of the procedures of processing.

Security Safeguards

The Company must ensure that personal information is kept secure against the risk of loss, unlawful access, interference, modification, unauthorized destruction, and disclosure. Safeguards must be put into place with Operators for the security and confidentiality of personal information and written agreements will be required from Operators as to the modus operandi of achieving the necessary secure nature of personal information.

Customer Participation

In terms of POPIA a Customer has a right to access their personal information collected and used by the Company for the purposes of ascertaining details of retirement benefit accumulation and other benefits relating to death and disablement as may be put in place by the Customer’s employer. If insured benefits are part of a Customer’s employment package, an insurance company has the right, in terms of POPIA, to withhold information about a Customer’s health since this matter will fall firmly in the hands of a Customer’s medical practitioner.



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